What is the world coming to


Why is everyone so into cereal?


Next there’ll be whole cafés devoted to cereal!




clicks onto website

£9.99 for a box of cereal?!

chips ball metaphorically into the DiS box


As a member mof the fashionista crowd with a fetish for cereal, let me be the first to say I enjoy this unapologetically provocative product.


London needs throwing into a skip


This planet is too stupid now, it’s jumped the shark


cereal offenders

(I’ll get me coat)


Every so often I think about Lucky Charms, and other marshmallowy cereals. I start to seriously consider going to one of those American Sweet shops to get a packet, just to see if they’re as nice as I remember. But I can never bring myself to pay more than ~£3 for cereal. I just can’t.


This has riled me so much. It’s not even a fucking motel, FFS


ikr should be FOR


I wouldn’t even get them if they were under £3 cause they’re crap


on the ferry to the isle of wight festival last summer (i was working there), we were stood in front of those cereal brothers who own that cafe on Brick Lane. I think one of them caught me taking a picture of them with my middle finger in shot.

that’s all I’ve got to offer really.


crazy, sexy, cool… cereal

we deserve the government we have


Why say its a motel when its not a motel
its just fucking cerealllll


Oooft! Right into the corridor of uncertainty.


what cereal you in the mood for?
i dunno, the bitch please kind?


Have you seen the free gift?


Once you’ve bought £99.90 worth of cereal. I can get a BOGOF deal for the Sealife Centre from a standard box of Rice Krispies. This is an outrage.