What Is The Worst Country In The World?


Show your workings




Germany :hotdog:


worst in what sense maOam?


It’s England, they’ve invaded everyone and destroyed all their languages and have flooded it with things like insurance and factories and television and now everybody’s properly fucked.


Cricket though.


That’s up to the replier


Full of brexit twats and john inverdale


Yeah would rather it didn’t exist if it meant England didn’t


Upper Volta





I’m sure they are a wonderful people with a fine culture and heritage, but they designed their flag on 1986 Ceefax.


Currently, probably Sudan (North and South) for being acutely awful.

Historically, almost any really old country has a good claim. England probably tops out in the European group but Russia and China have to be competitive if you go world wide.


M9s I think you could guess who I’d go for.


Australia by far


Big Country


To be fair, you could probably blame that on England as well.


The country that invented the idea of the nation-state.


Portugal is really old but still a great country


australia’s not that bad, it’s just dull.

australians are pricks though.