What Is The Worst Country In The World?


Like England, but cold.

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Probably Garth brooks, or Billy Ray Cyrus

Sorry lads, forget Cthulu, this is the ultimate horror.

mmmmmmm is that the sweet smell of line dancing in the air?

That fucking song is basically the Irish national anthem at this stage.

Oh to be just cold and not like England… :smiley:

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words, mouth, out of, taken right, my

or something like that.

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There aren’t any bad ones.

Wales, or Saudi Arabia.

classy bants there big lad

Still scarred from a trip to Towyn some years ago.

Not a single vote for North Korea yet. And loads for England. Hmmm…

if we’re going by amount of horrible shit done to living people against population size then surely it would have to be belgium.


*the vatican

yeah, brexit means brexit!

I think Scotland vs England on Saturday is to determine the answer to this question

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