What is the worst food for bad breath?

My mouth currently tastes of raw onion, which prompted this thread.

People make a big deal about onion / garlic breath, but is it really that bad?

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Coffee, if you’d allow that


I will allow that

All liquids that go in your mouth are permitted in this thread

Precooked meat like Fridge Raiders

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Is that one bad? Are we talking a specific type of yoghurt? Never noticed a yoghurt breath before.

onion and jalapeno pretzels

Coffee specifically with cow milk.

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Just sour and gross isn’t it

But I’m not getting close enough to find out. Think coffee is the worst tbf.

Human shit

Proper adult coffee drinkers of proper coffee (i.e. black) don’t generally get coffee breath, which is nice.


once went back to a mates house after a night out and had a spring onion with hot sauce on it because that was all he had to eat.

an extraordinarily flamboyant man who had come back with us spent about 5 minutes telling me that i stank and was disgusting.

one of those memories that will probably pop up on my deathbed


coffee has a nice odour imo

Even in breath form?

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sorry carnivores but it’s clearly meat

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Ham breath :face_vomiting:

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As the custodian of a small person who eats yoghurt and then gets all up in my face, I can confirm you’re right. No need for you to test your theory any further…

can’t remember actually. don’t think it’s that bad though, just smells a bit like coffee

Pepperami breath :face_vomiting: