What is the worst item in your house?


No wonder there were flies in our house with this absolute piece of turd hanging around.

Even if I liked dogs I’d be embarrassed by it.


It’s really, really hard to choose but I’m going to go with this.


Ex wife


State of that







oh as if!


that’s absolutely incredible, fucking hell.


An uneaten lunch I made for the TV which has been living in tupperware in the fridge for about a month. I know full well it will be me who has to deal with it eventually but I dread opening it :grimacing:


I’ll sort it out. Love the states of purification those things achieve.


I’ve got several boxes of my estranged former housemates stuff that he left in my storage space and is now in my flat, dread to think what lurks in there


Perfect deployment of the jokerman font, tbf


Wait, it’s not jokerman. Fuck, what’s it called


Various Harry Potter items belong to Clive. A cushion, for instance, slippers, all the books, US and UK editions along with various overpriced souvenir items from the shop in York.


Curlz mt?


It’s the awkward delivery of the text that really does it.

Reminds me of Young Bojack going “Do you get it?” after every sentence.




You know her then