What is the worst thing ever?

  • ArsenalFanTV
  • Band T-shirts worn without knowing the band
  • Cheeky Nando’s with the lads
  • Crocs
  • Dadrock
  • Electro swing
  • Family Guy and other Seth McFarlane cartoons
  • Food served on things which aren’t plates
  • Grown adults who like comic book films
  • Grown adults who like Disney
  • Grown adults who like Star Wars
  • Ironic bad food restaurants (ie school dinner ones)
  • James Corden
  • Lame or bad taste fancy dress stag/hen do’s
  • Mrs Brown’s Boys
  • Over-macho dirty burger challenge fans
  • People who bang on about travelling/gap years etc
  • Quinoa
  • The Simpsons after The Principal and the Pauper
  • Topknots

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Being judgemental


All bad but products of and therefore not as bad as the actual worst thing ever, neoconservatism.



  1. The “grown adult” options don’t count if they’re done happily with kids.
  2. The options are not strictly my opinions. In fact, some of them I think are the best things ever. But I picked them as 20 classic DISer gear-grinding greats


No idea what the Dirty Burger Challenge is. Probably not something I’m going to research :laughing:


I don’t get the hate for James corden


The prospect of an indefinite period of Tory rule.


Paul Ryan


This thread


It’s not rude, but I mean people who post obsessive “I DESTROYED THIS 50000 OZ QUADRUPLE PRIME BEEF KANGAROO OSTRICH STRAWBERRY PAVLOVA AND HILARY CLINTON EMAILS BURGER AT CHUCK OHIO’S MEGA BBQ GRILL! HULKSMASH!” on social media. Usually they look like a less talented Rag and Bone man and are fans of UFC, WWE and mansplaining.


You didn’t even put cycling in there you berk


can’t believe what’s winning right now, how is that even in the top half?


Maybe the Holocaust?


Organised religion?




Aye alright mr fucking serious :wink:
Oh, when we were away we got some take away pizzas and instead of bring out a knife to cut them with like a normal person the tv brought out fucking scissors, what the fuck?! Anyway, couldn’t bring myself to, so went in and found a knife



I have to agree with her, sorry.


Fuck sakes shiggs, not you in all :+1:


Oh, acoustic Drake covers by the likes of this guy:


Who is that guy?