What is the worst thing you've done to an ex while you were going out? (try and keep this light)

Inspired by this Vice article from yesterday’s National Boyfriend Day.. I attended a Battles and Dirty Projectors gig instead of going to my then gf’s Grandfather’s funeral. Really, really poor form. Just realised this isn’t very light but I don’t particularly want to hear about times you’ve been unfaithful or when you boffed their mum/dad.

Oooh boy, that’s a bad one Jezza.


I know! Not my finest hour at all but I thought if I was honest in the OP it might make people want to share.

Definitely not in the form for a trawl through my memory bank of horrors right now.


Legit can’t think of anything, think I’m a pretty good boyf for the most part. Getting arsey after poor football results is probably my greatest crime.

Would rather not think about it, cheers.

Can we guess?

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Broke up with her on A-level results day. In my defence, it was hard to avoid - our results meant we were going to different universities (my back-up choice was the same as hers), so the conversation was kind of forced, but I probably could have handled it better.

Did you leave your phone on as well?

I had similar thing with a girl I was on and off with during my gap yar. We both knew we were going to different Unis so it was a bit forced and a bit ‘er…thanks for sleeping with me for the past year or so… seeyabye!’

Some really incompetent sex.

EDIT: this is “done with” rather than “done to”, obviously.

Pretty much a given!

I used to firmly believe the kindest way to break up with someone is not to tell them but just to sever all contact. Avoids any awkwardness and after a week it’s pretty clear what has happened.

Yeah. We sort of resolved it after in a better way, but it was just the day itself - when we should have been celebrating, had big parties planned and stuff - and it was all spent crying (her), feeling like shit (me), and generally harshing everyone’s buzz.

Don’t have an ex, but once I tried to put my arm round my current gf only to elbow her in her eye. Nightmare!

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was at a wedding of the gf cousin or whatever. the photos clashed with England v Denmark 2002 wc.

watched the footie, didn’t I. good game n all

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Should have done the time honoured thing: promising to stay together and then calling her three weeks into the first term, (from the communal halls of residence phone box) to break it off.

I was still getting drunken calls from her well into first term, even though we’d categorically broken it off before. Was a real saga.

Happily, we managed to stay friends (well, outrageously flirting for the next few years didn’t help), but all is good now.

I can’t think of anything but i need to get this off my chest. I once went with her to stay at her parents’ house, I missed out on seeing a big building being demolished :frowning:

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