What is this object

Got this object with no context. It looks like it has a small sort of scissor blade bit and also a blunt bit. It does not seem to open or move at all but has finger and thumb grooves for gripping. I have tried feeding paper into the blades and it doesn’t cut.

What is this object?

Instinctively thought tape/box/strap/seatbelt cutter but then

So apparently not.

No idea in that case :person_shrugging:

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Something to do with stripping herbs?

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OK I’ve actually worked this out now but only based on a clue I found with the object. Please do continue to guess. So far neither guess is correct.

Mini knife sharpener?


The Blackpool illuminations

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Blade sharpener?

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No idea, but I buy my Dad things like this for Christmas every year and he spends all day trying to work out what they are. Will check back in for this year’s inspiration!


Congratulations to @Octobadger and @harru both of whom must have knives in good condition!

How do I use it? Put knife in the blade bit first and then the blunt bit?

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What sort of material is the white bit made of?

Looks like plastic?

Never used one quote like that but have tried a plethora of sharpeners before as struggled to get my knives sharp, now use one that’s like a finely corrugated long metal stick.

Might be one bit for metal knives and one for ceramic knives?

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I would guess metal bit first to raise an edge then white bit to smooth it off but idk

Looks pretty small and fiddly to be sticking fi gers and knives in close proximity!


Closer inspection reveals a 1 2 step labelling:

I did not investigate this object very well, it seems!


Definitely a sex thing.


Bread knife

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A little holder for number 1 and number 2 electric hair trimmer guards

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Oh I’ve only just noticed the extra stuff in the gaps (I know the answer has already been revealed)

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