What is this robot saying?


I can only hear Yanny but maybe I have youthful, supple ears.

  • Yanny
  • Laurel

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Forget Yanny.....this is where we are at
What do you hear? (Yanny or Laurel)

You’re lying.


no fucking way are people hearing ‘laurel’ out of that

has to be a troll


I honestly have no fucking idea how you can hear Laurel in that. In ends in an “ee” sound!


I hear ‘Rudolph’


oh wait yeah i can hear laurel now


yanny is in a high pitched kinda nasal tone and laurel is in a lower frog voice tone




i can’t hear an ee sound at all. i hear lor-all/lor-ol

i wonder if different speakers make it sound different. going to check on my phone…


i’m still majoring in yanny, but with a minor in laurel


how are you listening?

  • good speakers
  • laptop/phone speaker
  • headphones

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nope. can’t hear yanny on my phone either

i mean obviously it is saying laurel because yanny is not a word


these are the two elements as i hear them (sorry for ruining your thread hyg)



can hear laurel now and can no longer hear yanny


Human bodies are well daft aren’t they.


Holy shit, I hear Yanny now. How silly!


wish I could hear yanny. I want to hear yanny, but no, just boring old laurel


it sounds like laurel on a phone speaker


listen on headphones


Yanny when listening through my bose speaker and my phone speaker. Nowhere close to Laurel 🤷