What is this robot saying?


Main speakers. Yanny.


I did. denied. I am resigned to my yannyless existence


It might depend on whether your ears are more sensitive to certain pitches, and whether you are thinking context-first and therefore discounting Yanny because of its lower likelihood in speech. I heard Yanny at first, but then after @ericV pointed out the lower vocal tone split I could hear that too. It’s the old lady/young girl picture thing but for ears.

It’s a shocking choice of voice for a robot that’s programmed for speech if that’s the aim though.


Wtf all it says is laurel


Laughed so hard at this I started coughing again


can someone clever filter the frequencies in some way so that i can hear the yanny. even the filtered one on the page linked to in the OP sounds like laurel. at the absolute most i hear yaurel on the higher pitched one


soz :smiley:


once you hear laurel there is no going back


Anyone who hears Yanny has weird ears


stop trying to make yanny happen


Must’ve listened to this for 5 mins on my bose, phone and sennheiser headphones and can only hear yanny. The TV can only hear yanny. I’m Laurel-less.


Make Yanny Great Again!


Yanny lives!


No Laurel for me. It’s definitely Yanny on good speakers and through my phone.


Yanny people are fucking pricks!


this! very weird


…are we the baddies?


It’s all gone a bit brexit


just changed mine as it swirched

it’s more like YLaurel really


something about the dress

oh wait that was mentioned in the article, forget I posted this