What is this robot saying?


I played it first thing on my phone via the graun website and it was yanny (sort of), now I’ve gone to the exact same link, this time listening on headphones, and it’s laurel.


Wait wait… was Yanny yesterday. This morning it’s Laurel.

Does it just load one or the other randomly, cos that would be some top bants :laughing:


I can hear both every time when listening on headphones.


First two are Laurel. Second two are a different pitch and are Yanny. Two different sounds. Case cracked.


yes and the emperor must be wearing the finest garments which we are not fit to see!


there are only two :exploding_head:


yanny, champion of the world.


i’m worried that this is the Russians using this as a backdoor into my bank account.


There were defo 4 in the link I heard…


a new twist in the cambridge analytica saga, misuse of yanny data


Laurel & Hardly of Hearing


Trying to trigger a full civil war through yanny disputes.

in many ways similar to brexit. when people say ‘sovereign’ i hear 'duuurrr hallo my favourite colour is ham!"


heard this on radio 5 this morning and immediately didn’t give a fuck.


which did you hear thol





credit to @aggpass one hopes


Other people have made that pun:




Tried with headphones, a good speaker and my phone speaker and all I hear is Laurel