What is this robot saying?


It’s saying Laurel til 0.4 then says yanny then laurel again at .13, tf???


I can isolate both from it this is so weird


the internet is stupid


especially the Yanny part of the internet!



typical laureler


I know it’s kind of the point of this forum too but something I find deeply depressing about everyone in the world rushing to have an opinion on really pointless things. Makes my heart sad




would you say that that was your… opinion about it?


yeah this is the problem isn’t it?


just wish I never had to know about any stupid memes or celebrity news or anything really.


like when I was young I used to think/dream there were lots of different types of people and places in the world but it turns out everyone is basically one of 7 or 8 stereotypes it sucks.


uh wat


Back to the cycling thread it is.


ever been in a city or something and you walk down the street and you think “oh that twat looks just like me more or less, god that sucks!” or else everyone reminds you of a minor variation of all the people you went to school with


the world is a big place, bam


you’d think so but Yanny or Laurel?!


That very niche artist Sufjan Stevens


I can’t hear yanny at all. the more I try to force my brain to perceive that way the more clearly it says laurel


What is this CBeebies presenter saying?

  • Kite
  • Cunt

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