What is this robot saying?


I heard Laurel this morning through my bose headphones

I hear Yanny now through my iphone headphones

I also saw both black and blue and white and gold so


Set to Yan-ah-ah-neeeee?


ahhh ffs look like an idiot creasing up at my desk


I’m sorry to inform you that this means you are possessed by a demon.


Yeah I’m furious at this. Anyone not hearing Yanny needs a Banny


Can’t hear Yanny at all. Was Laurel on my headphones, so tried my phone… Still Laurel… but I know what to look for now so I’m not surprised I’m not hearing yer Yanny


OK, I’m kind of hearing a really silly voiced Yanny now, but it clearly says Laurel in a more normal tone and pronunciation


Yanny season approachin’
Fuck whatever y’all been hearin’


Actually it’s laurel


I can now only hear Laurel. Yesterday I could only hear Yanny. This morning I could hear both simultaneously.


Everybody knows
I’m a motherfuckin’ Laurel


Hear both simultaneously. The start of Yanny and the end of Laurel are the more dominant sounds

Waste of time, thanks


more like hunt tbh


Hi welcome to the Drowned in Sound Community


I had that earlier, but now can’t hear Yanny at all.


Yep, as you let it play for longer, I find Laurel takes over too


another vote for yannel, hyg




I’m now back to hearing both really clearly.