What is this robot saying?




Did it with my reference headphones and can now clearly hear both. EVERYBODY WAS RIGHT GUYS. It’s just some people have broken ears and some people have speakers that are better at reproducing bass or high end


Not gonna read the thread am I? What do you take me for?

( :frowning: )


@moderators please remove this and also this one I’m posting right now! I’m a filthy accidental plagiarist


Except those Yanny cunts



Sufjanny Stevens


To the Workers of the Rock River Yanny Region, I Have an Idea Concerning Your Predicament, and It Involves an Inner Tube, Bath Mats, and 21 Able-bodied Men.


Nice idea!


Come on, Laurel the ilyannoise


Laurel me by your name


Getting irked by people posting videos like this and thinking they’re geniuses

Just sounds like three Laurels to me


Redford (For Yanny & Laurel)


might post my vocaroo on twitter tbf


yeah same. the only one I’ve heard yanny on is this one when he makes it go low


This is doing the rounds at the moment.

It’s clearly Laurel to me and I don’t understand how it could be Yanny. Do any of you hear Yanny?


oh, ssh!


Ohhhh damn it.

Ok can a mod delete this? I’ll go and post in the other thread! :rofl:


All I can hear is Laurel in all of the clips, even with the audio / bass manipulated.



everyone is wrong