What is this robot saying?


yeah it’s yearly in that video but that’s distorted by sound audio frequencies


Just put this on on my laptop and could only hear Yanny (or Yally or something) after only hearing Laurel on my headphones and phone earlier. Then it MORPHED into Laurel after about 10 listens and my brain could only process the Laurel and not the Yanny anymore.

Way better than the dress this. A right mindfuck.


Just listened, it’s ckearly Yanny. Not going to bother listing again to be persuaded otherwise.


weird, i just went back to it and it sounds kind of like ‘laelfy’ to me now


I heard yanny first but then I heard laurel and I can’t get yanny back and what the fuck


So obviously Yanny. I would go as far to say that anyone that says otherwise is a deeply questionable human being unworthy of love




you don’t really have to know about any of them


that’s true, I manage to avoid quite a lot of them



the people have spoken. you lost, get over it!


(in a second poll i would probably vote Laurel)


wait a second. why is this robot saying laurel any way?

there’s more to this story than meets the eye


it’s joining the cast of Emmerdale


It isn’t!


had another listen and now it’s just saying ‘Go fuck yourself!’



think that was yer mam


hi eric i love yr new profile pic


this joke has gone right over my head


It sounds like it’s saying ‘euro’. Is this some remainer conspiracy?


Witchcraft. It’s always been Yanny until just now when it changed to Laurel. I now can’t hear Yanny any more, no matter how hard I try.