What is this song? It's driving me mad.

Unless I dreamt it, which I sometimes do. In which case, I should finish writing it.

Anyway. This song I heard once and I can’t remember where.

I thought this song was Super Furry Animals or Gruff Rhys, but I can’t find it.

It has quite clever school-based lyrics, and it has a bit where it says something about “I sit next to you, we have chemistry together” as in chemistry lessons which I thought was fun.

I think there are some other school related lyrics too.

750 points will be rewarded to anybody that can tell me what this song is.

Is it Chemistry by Semisonic? There’s another answer in my head but I can’t get to it at the moment

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Haha! Thanks!

Sorry, I meant to say it isn’t that song. It was somebody talking about this band that set me off hunting for this song again. O/T the Semisonic singer wrote some of Taylor Swift’s hits! Who knew!

Thanks again though.

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Blxirs, Together?

No, that isn’t it!

Thanks though.

It’s killing me!


I used to have this regularly with Get Ready For This by 2 Unlimited but I eventually remembered what it was called.

Doesn’t sound like that is the song you require though.


It is not the droid I’m looking for.


Can I semi hijack this thread to ask if anyone can identify my current earworm?? I’ve been singing it all day but I can’t remember what it is!

The lyric is just something like:

“Shiriin, shiriin, shiiirin, shiiiriiiiiaaayn”

Shirin, or whatever the word is, is the name of someone I think. And it sounds like Grizzly Bear or The Shins. It’s quite a well-known song, but because it’s a name that I can’t spell, Google isn’t helping.

Please help!


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Why didn’t this show up when I spotifyed or googled? I even spelled it right. Thank you thank you thank you!

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This is obviously not it but I’ve had it in my head all day thanks to this thread, so now you can all enjoy it too

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I like these! They are not right though.

Thankyou anyway!

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It’s not this, is it? It’s not very SFA to my ears so I’m guessing not.

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God damnit! I thought this was going to be it! Very, very good detective work, but not it.

So close!

200 points.

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