What is this?


Does anyone else hear parts of music that sound like a specific person’s voice?

e.g. someone I work with sounds exactly like the piano in this segment

I’ve had this for years and not ever found someone who gets what I mean. does anyone get what I mean???


synesthesia… kind of?


I thought it was like that but I dont think it’s an unrelated association. her voice just actually sounds like this and my brain automatically puts the two together.


I really cannot be the only person in the world who has noticed this wtf


Thats not possible because its a piano


Maybe somebody could sound like a trombone or something at a stretch but I can’t believe a human can sound much like a piano


what do you mean? the recording, the melody, the rhythm are all like how she speaks (think it’s probably mostly cause of the pitch)


Oh like the lilt/phrasing? Not sure if it would be relaxing or really irritating to hear someone talk like that


maybe she speaks by striking her voicebox with a tiny hammer


There was this bit in maybe a Radiohead track or something that sounded exactly like my mum calling from downstairs, don’t remember the piece but would always throw me


at the risk of derailing DB’s thread, there’s a bit in a PJ harvey song that sounds exactly like my sister shouting at me when we were kids. trips me out.


I think the first 8 notes of that part I linked to are what does it

she has a sort of out of tune Sussex accent


Weird huh? Not really sure if it was thom moaning or just a tiiiny piece of ambience, like specifically the right size of reverb to sound like it came from in my house.


Only Sussex accent I know of is profk I think and it doesn’t sound much like him.


that’s Surrey m9


can you secretly record her so we can do a direct comparison?


Aw man Miles


You could make a nice little video animation though where when people talk it’s nice jazz piano coming out instead of shitty words, I would watch that a few times!


honestly noticing stuff like this gets me through the day


Isn’t Surrey part of Sussex? Like the county town?