What is your average daily caffeine intake?

And what form does it take? Minimal chat permitted, please keep it caffeine related.

For me it’s
1 latte
2 cups of (Irish breakfast) tea
1 can of coke zero



3+ cups of tea

fizzy drink once a week
coffee probably once a week (cut right down cause my stomach doesn’t like it)


Might have a coffee at a weekend though, and a tea when I visit family.

4-5 cups of tea
1-2 cups of coffee

but sometimes I drink only coffee for a bti in which case it’s:

5-6 cups of coffee

in an average day

2-4 cups of coffee
2-3 cups of black tea
1 cup of green tea
and possibly a lucozade or something

4-5 cups of tea daily.

0-1. Occasionally have a coffee from the nice coffee place near work. Aside from that I’m a Rooibos man.

how do you live, man

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1 x coffee (either large black filter, or latte)
1 x Diet Coke can / bottle

Too much I suspect.

1x Morning Americano from generic coffee place
3x Instant rubbish throughout the day
1x Evening aeropress coffee

one cup of english tea a day - in the morning
green tea in the arvo
no coffee during the week. maybe 3 cups over the weekend, but that will be down to 0 by the end of the month

2 litres of Dr Pepper zero a day

5/6 ish cups of coffee a day

somewhere between ‘a lot’ and ‘a fuckton’

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Last time I had a coffee or tea was a couple of months ago, so I rounded it down to 0.

how late in the evening are we talking? coffee that late fucks me right up

2x cups of filter coffee Mon-Fri
1x cup of filter coffee Sat-Sun
1x can of Coke Sat-Sun

Not too mental.

2x Nescafe

Probably when i get home around 6ish. Find it helps with going to the gym/ playing footy etc in the evening.