What is your average daily caffeine intake?

Yeah I would drink more coffee but I’m too busy pumping chicks.


many many cups of tea throughout the day. nothing else usually.

Second draft started to show elements of the final piece.


2 espressos

1-2 cafetiere/machine coffees
3-5 cups of tea

isn’t it time
that you woke up
to a richer, smoother tastin’ cup

cup of coffee every week or so
tea sometimes
coke other times
don’t really have a routine or any form of dependency

4 pack of Monster on week days.
Couple of cans of Pussy at the weekend.

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I don’t drink tea, coffee or Coke so actual 0.
Don’t even drink energy drinks any more.

Only certainty is a morning cup of normal tea

1-2 normal teas
1-2 white/green/rooibos teas
maybe a Coke zero
sometimes a coffee, maybe twice a week

1 coffee (sometimes more)
about 6 cups of tea, maybe more

that’s it

4 cuppas today. Will probably squeeze another 2-3 in this afternoon and the same amount this evening probably.

No wonder I don’t sleep.

3 cups of coffee
2 cups of tea
Occasional fizzy drink.

Oh hey there, Captain Joyless.

TOO MUCH at the moment -
maybe 4 cups of coffee?

don’t think it really effect sme that much but i reckon i should cut down a little!

Caffeine does weird things to my heart, Theo. I try not to have too much as a result.

Didn’t you have huge issues trying to quit caffeine a few years ago?

Nope, not at all. I did once try not having caffeine when I had a throat issue, though. It was okay (I combined it with now chocolate).

Sorry to hear you can’t enjoy coffee freely, though :frowning2:

On average, a whole fucking lot of coffee. Occasional fizzy drink.


2-3 coffees

how many caffeinated products do u have a day??

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