What is your average number of shoe purchases per year?

I would estimate that in each year since I became an adult my average number of shoe purchases would be below one pair per year. However this year by freak chance I have just bought my fourth pair of shoes and we’re not even half way through yet!

Purchase 1: some mid-life crisis DM boots like I used to wear when I were a lad. I’ve worn them about three times and each time they caused blisters on my heels that I needed to leave to heal for a few weeks. I will defeat them eventually.

Purchase 2: some fairly budget trainers to replace my day to day trainers which were falling apart. Bought due to availability and necessity in the winter, rather than for style and preference.

Purchase 3: some fancier trainers that are actually comfy. These will now be my everyday shoes. I stopped wearing them to ride my bike because the toestraps were already starting to damage them, which leads me onto…

Purchase 4: bike shoes with the little metal things on the bottom that nail you to your bike. Bought today, and I haven’t hurt myself in them yet.

If I’m being totally frank I suspect that’s my shoe purchasing done and dusted for a while now, but you never know when you might see your dream pair of slippers do you?

So estimate your annual shoe-purchasing average please. Go back as many years as you please.

Probably one if we’re including all footwear.

One including work shoes.

Ahem @Avery confess

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Ok, ok, I confess, I haven’t bought a pair of shoes since September 2021.

I did buy three pairs of trainers and some DMs in the first 3 months of lockdown, though.

At one point you were buying a pair of shoes a month


Average about one shoe per year.


Exactly 3 pairs every year since 2017, except for 2018 when I bought one and was gifted one. Can’t recall pre 2017. On just the one pair so far this year but it’ll reach three before the year is out.

Yes, during the first 3 months of lockdown.


About 6 I reckon.

somewhere between one and shoe

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Don’t think I’ve bought a pair in two years.

Cobblers :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dresses though :smiley::smiley:

Dunno why but this gives me images of Alan Partridge eating a whole Toblerone and driving to Dundee in his bare feet.

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Just purchased my third pair of shoes 2022.

Going to be purchasing another pair very soon, potentially today.

All bar one have been like for like replacements of busted sports shoes

Niche footwear tastes

I can’t, in good conscience, ‘like’ this post

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Just over one pair a year, probably.

I only really replace shoes when I have worn through the soles or they completely fall apart.

I have the following:

  • Smart/Work shoes (black) - can last up to a decade if I treat them well
  • Smart shoes (brown) - wear them so rarely, that they’ll probably last until I die
  • Site boots for work - I expect these to last over a decade
  • Smartish trainers for normal wear - last up to five years, usually
  • Walking/hiking/gardening boots - last about a decade
  • Hockey Boots - last about five years, usually
  • Football astros - I now play so rarely that they have lasted me over a decade, and don’t look like wearing out any time soon
  • Running shoes - last about 1000km, so I get a new pair every year or so. The old pair become my everyday trainers or trail running shoes until they fall apart. I buy last years model when it’s on sale.
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My smart/work shoes are the shoes I got married in, which will probably last me the rest of my life. They are also brown so maybe we’re onto something here.

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