What is your best autograph


Or maybe who?

The Autograph collection from M&S


Do you not have Mark Robbins or Clayton Blackmore or someone like that?

Mitchell Johnson?

I have a paper plate signed by Gaz Coombes and Carl Barat


(I also have a signed copy of Sir Alex Ferguson’s second autobiography)

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Were they forming a super band?

my mum bought me the Geraint Thomas book for xmas (think she has a bit of a crush on him) and its a signed copy

also bought a Czars CD from a 2nd hand shop and it’s been signed by JOhn Grant with a personalised message - which obviously meant a lot to the previous owner

When I was a kid my parents met Rod Hull in a lift and asked him for an autograph - it was a very long elaborate squiggle that took up an entire postcard (which I assume RH must have had with him as it’s not something my parents would have had)


I believe that they already had

I don’t have any autographs as such but I got Alan from Low to sign my copy of the Christmas CD when I met him a couple of years back.

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That IS an autograph!

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Michael Stipe signing my Green and Out Of Time album sleeves.


autograph collecting is stupid nonsense BUT I once got Uncle Oswald from a chazza and it was signed by Roald himself which was quite nice

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Bernie Clifton and Brian Blessed

I was talking to one of my (jewish) friends about Roald and I didn’t realise that he was such an awful anti-semite… which is a shame.

I’ve got a signed photo of this ledge

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Recommended by Grub Smith? Why have I not read this!

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