What is your favourite 2 Unlimited song?

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no no no no no no no no no no no no

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Tie between Get Ready For This and No Limit

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number of nos checks out

they actually had two?

at least three

m9 they had loads

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Poor man’s Vengaboys

what’s you favourite Vengaboys song?

next you’ll be telling me whigfield didn’t just do Saturday Night!

Boom Boom Boom Boom(which I will sing weekly at the very least)


I like Rocket to Uranus

also We Like To Party

sorry, the correct answer is Venga Bus song

but no one knows for sure because no one has listened to the other 12

To be fair they are all classics.

ftfy’d that for you

  • 2 unlimited
  • Outhere brothers
  • Vengaboys

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The bus is name checked in Boom Boom Boom Boom (listening right now).