What is your favourite 2 Unlimited song?

faces is a banger!!!

woah, it’s like a Kozelek song!

Technotronic are too classy for this! Next you’ll be putting S Express in!

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what do you think “venga” is

and how do you think the girls feel about being called the vengaBOYs

he was the baddie in d&d

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Are Vengaboys CDs significantly more expensive?

When there’s any scope for a punk covers band called the venga oi!s

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  • Corona

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My research has come up empty.

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N trace!

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and he was male.


To get back to the original question:

The Workaholic.
Which has to be one of the oddest song titles ever for a song that’s mainly made up of hoover noises.

The Magic Friend wasn’t bad either - based around the melody of Are Friends Electric?

so it translates as the male-baddie boys? That’s a much cooler name, although somewhat misleading

Reckon arsenal’s players used to call themselves the wengerboys?

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Look, I know this is a bit crude but another lyric that flits around my mind is put your ass on my face I love the way your pussy taste when I see one of your posts, that is.

yes. I remember when they all came out on the wembley pitch in the wengerbus and started dancing furiously

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The lead singer started following me on Instagram the other day :netherlands:

is he gone now? :frowning: