What is your favourite concept for a sequel?


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I like it when a sequel is made 30 years later that is a reboot but we get to see the original actors as olds

He came back for Aladdin 3 though!

The hero getting married one annoys me a bit as you know from the start that the wife/husband will inevitably end up being kidnapped and/or killed at some point, which makes it all very predictable

12 Years A Slave - The Squeakquel”


‘Come And See The Squeakquel’

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The only good bit about the Emily Blunt Mary Poppins retread was that Dick van Dyke appeared at the end to play the ancient bank manager, a role he also played in the original but using heavy prosthetics.


No way does that exist. Clearly just a tax avoidance vehicle.

It actually fits your bill of “previously unmentioned relative shows up” (John Rhys-Davies as Aladdin’s father)

Big fan of the “we thought up a title so good we have to make it” model. Especially if it then never gets made. The Seriously Dude!, Where’s My Car? model.

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When the original title has a number in it so they just add one to that number for the sequel title

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22 Jump Street
The Whole Ten Yards
Ocean’s Twelve

Any others?


2002 Another Oddysey


The Oceans sequels tick a lot of the boxes. Same but in an exotic location. Team up with enemy. Previously unmentioned relatives turn up. Stunt casting (Bruce Willis as himself?).


That’s why Ocean’s 12 is such a masterpiece

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Four Men and a Baby

102 Dalmatians
Lock, Stock & Three Smoking Barrels

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13 Angry Men

Reverse concept of first film

Honey I shrunk the kids —— honey I blew up the baby


Can’t think if any others but there must be


13 Years a Slave

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