What is your favourite conspiracy theory that has been proven wrong/unfounded


Mine is the Lost Cosmonauts.


When someone finally manages to disprove the Flat Earth theory, it’ll be that.


Aren’t all conspiracy theories by their very nature wrong or unfounded (or at least unproven), otherwise they wouldn’t be conspiracy theories, they’d just be things that happened.


you joke but i have never read a convincing debunking of the flat earth theory even though i believe in the accepted oblate spheroid


No. The OP has been carefully worded.




How has the idea of Lost Cosmonauts been proven to be false then?


Another cuck oblatist.


Idk man look it up. The truth came out, the astronauts in question were accounted for

Some had died but not in space


Morrissey predicted the death of Princess Diana in 1985


12 years out though, wasn’t he?


He also didn’t predict it at all




Erik Von Daniken’s theories about the gods we worship being extra terrestrial visitors.





Can defo get on board with JFK assassination, although it hasn’t been proven wrong really


the solway spaceman


I guess it would just become a conspiracy and not a conspiracy theory?


my mate once told me people in ISS have taken photographs proving the earth is round i said ere mate they’ve filmed beheadings too does that make it alright