What is your favourite conspiracy theory that has been proven wrong/unfounded



i thought that was quite good i stole it from twitter

What about cosmonauts that were never officially recorded? No way to account for someone who was struck from all the records.

Oh sorry, you wanted ones that aren’t real. Swear someone on here was proper certain the moonlandings were faked, and the less said about the holocaust thread the better

that was never disproved

You’d never guess who that was.

Well, most of his ‘evidence’ was shown to be a fraud.



Cosmonaut is a fantastic word isn’t it. Easily top 10.


haha jesus christ who “went there” in the holocaust thread?

Even better when prefixed by Lost

OP, iirc


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The time the boards were shutting down/migrating when they weren’t


The Americans spent $$$$$$$$$$$ on a pen that could write in the space, the Russians used a pencil lol (so they could rub out names).


I think you’re being deliberately awkward now. You could of course keep pushing the theory if you were inclined, and some people do, but my point was that the evidence that made the theory compelling and believable to me (doctored photographs, secrecy etc) has been explained since the Glasnost era. If it’s still a conspiracy theory it belongs with all the other fanciful ones as opposed to something that even sensible people looked at and said ‘yeah, could well have happened’

best -onaut

  • aer
  • arg
  • astr
  • cosm

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Me be deliberately awkward? I would never!

You mean the Soviet pre Gagarin transmissions from space?

If so, where has this been disproved?