What is your favourite folk tradition?


really like all this kind of stuff - i think the Whittlesea straw bear sounds like a lot of fun - might try and go next year -
big straw bear gets led around teh village having a great time, the at the end they burn him!

looks great!


Not into any of this shit mate


All village traditions are massively brexit





Alright, hoogy




I used to enjoy going on school trips to the folk n’ transport museum, because of its name.


All of it. I love it. Even if half of it comes from Victorian revivalism and doesn’t actually have any pagan roots at all. Dancing the Morris, mummer’s plays, ancient football games, the Mari Lwyd, wassailing (obvs).

The Unthanks did two awesome documentaries about folk traditions in the UK, I highly recommend them.


there might be some truth in that, but there is nothing in them that intrinsically links them to a brexit mentality really



oh cool - will try and check them out!


said definite brexiter chris-budget


The Pie Pie of Shrewsbury


This was the first one, focussed on dancing. The second one, A Very English Winter, was better, but can’t find that as quickly:


how dare you!


a massively brexit thing to say, “how dare you”.


classic remoaner