What is your favourite game to play with a standard pack of playing cards?

Brief description would be great too!

Not played Chase the Ace in years.

Quite like a game of Pontoon, or Shithead.

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Quite like brag, poker is the best of there’s money on but shit without. Need to get back into cribbage, great game

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I like black five. played so much in high school.

four players, aim is to get rid of all your cards. the card you put down affects the next person to play. each card has a different effect. ‘pick up 2’ ‘miss a turn’ ‘change the playing order’ etc.

haven’t played it in years but it’s good

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Sounds good

How do you play Shithead?

used to love a bit of cribbage too. would play all the time with my flatmate. was weirdly talking about it at the weekend, can’t even remember any of the rules any more.

Ring of fire

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With money - poker
Without - shithead or what ever regional variation there of, for some reason we call it ‘a thousand pounds’ in an over exaggerated Arnold Schwarzenegger type voice

Trumps, hearts but if money is involved then Texas hold em.



I like trick based games e.g.
Black Maria

Shithead, though I always forget the rules and have to have people explain it again

Oh aye and scabby queen if you’re having a good group with a good number of beers involved.

Can try to relearn it over the August bike weekend. One for his nob!



Anything with shit in the title really

Shit Old Maid
Shit Snap

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We called it Donkey but it might be called loads of things - basically you chuck one card so there’s an incomplete pair, then the cards are divided equally between all the players. You dump all your pairs, the take in turn to choose a card from the player next to you to try and complete more pairs and empty your hand. One person will be left with the solo card, they’re the donkey. Gets very tense when the final two players are down to it, trying to fake out which card they want to get rid of.

Rummy is good too, trying to make three of something and four of something (a run or a three / four of a kind). Poker is always fun for about 30 minutes but it always feels like people get bored after that and people just start going all in to try and end it (I probably don’t play for enough money).


Bit harsh mate.


yeah I used to play this a lot, albeit under different names.

It’s great for family holidays because it’s so simple that kids of any age can play it as well.

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