What is your favourite game to play with a standard pack of playing cards?

That Donkey sounds like Chase The Ace.

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Is the aim of chase the ace to be left with the final ace or avoid it? (Guess it doesn’t really matter).

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To avoid it.

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For two players, I used to like Slam, or Spit as it’s also known. It’s like speed patience.


Tell me more about Flaps

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We have a set routine in our family that goes in this order:

Stop the bus: each player has three cards and the aim is to get to 31 with the same suit. You automatically win if you do, or you can ‘stop the bus’ if you think you’ve got the highest hand.

Rummy: each player has seven cards and the aim is to get a three and a four set eg all the 4s or 4,5,6,7 of one suit

Trumps: can’t be bothered explaining this one

Switch: as above

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The simple game of Snap.

Haven’t played it for may be over 35 years but great memories and arguments with my sister whilst playing it. Fun childhood game.

Used to play bridge at school - that’s good. Love crib, also like Hearts as long as it is on computer; can’t be arsed with keeping track of all the intricacies when you play it in the real world

Ha ha!

We play a similar game called Racing Demons (also know as Nerts). You can play with as many people as you want, you just each need your own deck of cards (with a unique back)

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Not played Crib for many years. My Granddad used to play it all the time and was a bit of a demon at it, knew all the weird sayings (“fifteen two, fifteen four, fifteen six and one for his nob’s seven” etc, “nob” referred to a black Jack I seem to remember). Good game.


My elder sister used to beat me all the time at Spit. I’d forgotten all about it until now!

Go Johnny Go Go Go Go


I’m a big fan of Chris Hoy getting involved in this thread:

LOVE shithead

Favourite for group: Trumps (10 rounds, select a trump suit in each round, guess the number of cards you will win in each round, score points in each round, winner is one with most points). The “gambling” aspect of this one makes it.

Favourite in a pair: Speed. This one, just very silly. https://www.wikihow.com/Play-the-Card-Game-Speed

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In the game ‘shithead’ when you get to the three face down cards towards the end…
If you choose a face down card and you can’t play it do you wait for the next go and try again? Or do you place another face down card in your hand??