What is your favourite National Trust Property



Going with Cliveden House (not been in the house, all about the mother fucking gardens)


They’re probably all shit but my least favourite one is the Wimpole Estate because if I’m ever stuck behind some doddery cunt on the drive to work, you can bet your arse they’re going to be turning into that place.


Nicely maintained gardens there


Might be the fucking gardeners getting in my way then. Pricks.


It’ll all go to hell when @epimer finally moves in


Cragside’s pretty cool.
Once I ran out of petrol on Halloween at about 10pm and I walked down through the spooky woods and they drove me around on their quad bike and filled my car with some petrol and sent me away into hills.



What a beauty (bit out of my visiting range though)



my mum works at Petworth House. Could probably sort you out a nice deal on the easter egg hunt.


Is this a five guys burger or a national trust property?


Went to Petworth earlier this year. Parked in the wrong car park and had to trudge all the way there and back. My mum was going to buy us all lunch but we got separated in the queue and I ended up paying for me and my lot. 3/10


rookie mistake. good that you didn’t DEMAND to use the mobility van upon realizing your error.


London Dungeon


I like Petworth. Good deer.


My mum works at Sudbury Hall.

It’s alright. She curates the Museum of Childhood though which is moderately bitching.


Oh yeah, forgot the deer. 4/10


^Cragside for me too, Clive.


Calke Abbey has excellent deer.


Fountain’s Abbey.


Big fan of Mottisfont