What is your favourite physical state?

What is your favourite physical state?
  • Standing up (two legs on ground)
  • Standing up (one leg on ground: left)
  • Standing up (one leg on ground: right)
  • Standing with your arms in the air like you just don’t care
  • Sitting down: Good posture
  • Sitting down: Curved back
  • Sitting down: Slouching
  • Lying down on back (cadaver position)
  • Lying down on back: Arms behind head (smug edition)
  • Lying down on side
  • Lying down on side (foetal position)
  • Lying down on side (Seductive George Constanza / Burt Reynolds style)
  • Lying down on front (plank challenge)
  • Lying down on front (recover position)
  • Jumping a little bit
  • Jumping as high as you can
  • Jumping while doing a silly pose
  • One of those ballet ones
  • Some sort of attacking position
  • Pretending to be a crab
  • Fingers out like in the Thriller video
  • Standing (One hand in your pocket)
  • Standing (Looking at your watch)
  • Standing (introverted body language, sloped shoulders etc.)
  • Twerk ready
  • Arms to the side
  • Pretending to be a lego person
  • Pigeon toed swagger stance
  • What even is this thread?
  • Other

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I am rarely comfortable in any form. I’m 29 and I’ve fucked my back and I fidget constantly


Sorry to hear that

Sorry to hear that.

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Utah and Colorado are the ones I’d most like to visit next. Oregon probably the nicest I’ve already been to.


<3. Just so I’m clear my back works, I just pull muscles and stuff all the time

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Which ones have you visited so far?

In what style?


That’s fine, just as long as no-one puts that fucking gif with the dog moon walking here

can this be real?

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Oh I see plasma above

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Massachussetts, New York, New Jersey, Texas, California, Oregon and Washington. Have also changed planes in Georgia and Florida but thar doesn’t count.

Why have you been to the USA so much?

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I’ve only been three times, just saw a lot each time I was there.

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I really enjoy sitting down but I also don’t mind standing up or lying down. Walking is really great but I think that, on balance, I like sitting down the most

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