What is your major personal fault?


Nothing too personal like Eczema or small hands or whatever.

I had my yearly review this morning and got told I’m too obsessive, which tbf is true. Whether it’s computer games, penoid hobbying, girls, football management simulators or whatever I get ALL ENCOMPASSING MEGA OBSESSED with something until I’ve achieved what I want then lose all interest.

Hoping this turns into a lovely thread. Could have put it all in my LiveJournal but I’m interested in your lives.


if anything i’m too nice


I’m a perfectionist.

I work too hard.

I’m too dedicated.

I’m always on time or early.


I internalise things too much and let entirely self-invented hypotheticals that I play out in my brain affect my actual, real, non-invented life as a result. Happy new year!


I’m just too bloody kind.


No discernible personality


You are very well liked, and if this causes you issues then I feel bad for you


Pretty lazy if lacking motivation or a goal


This is a good thing, not a fault, lateness is annoying.


Being a worrier. Sake.


Just almost completely morally bankrupt.


make everyone else look bad in comparison


I just worry about everything.

Never do anything with my life because I’m too worried that it will go wrong.


Pretty insular and easily bored, so I often just switch off when people are talking and stuff. Which makes me feel like a terrible person.


When i was asked this at a job interview i was flummoxed and said ‘sometimes i get angry’. Dunno why.

Didnt get the job.

then beat them all up


How does this have a detrimental effect on your life?


I find it so very easy to put off jobs that need to be done until mañana.

But once I get on with it I am then determined to see it through to the end without break.


this has done me

it’s like a vague threat.




me too

and I lack the capacity for original thought