What is your most and least productive time of day?

I was going to make a poll but I’m in the middle of my least productive time and I can’t be arsed.

The most is about 9 to 11 for me. Then nothing until about 4, where I get my second wind (don’t) until I go home. I currently really need to get on with something, but it’s The Dead Hours so it’s not happening.

Worst was when trying to write my thesis in three weeks, because I feel into a pattern of getting fuck all done all day while being really stressed about not getting enough done, then getting a burst of work done between 11 pm and 4 am then passing out. Repeat for three weeks.

Productive: 9-11
Not remotely: 11-3
Most productive: 3-4
Just wanna go home: 4-6
Pedal / get pissed: 6-9

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Bit of a waste all this isn’t it

8:45-10 – very little getting done
10-lunch – relatively productive
lunch-5 – very little getting done
5-bed – there are not enough hours for the amount of ideas I have and things I want to achieve.

Example: At the moment I’m arranging a few things for brass band. This is far more interesting than my job, and I’m apparently pretty good at it. Bands are playing my shit. I want to be at home now, so that I can do more of it, but noooooo, I have to come into work and earn a salary. Christ.