What is your most recent amazon purchase


Killing and dying by Adrian tomine (started this last night, it’s really good)
Jimmy corrigan, the smartest kid on earth by Chris ware
Patience by Daniel clowes
The outsider: a history of the goalkeeper by Jonathan wilson
Utopia for realists by rutger bregman (recommended by someone on here, look forward to starting it)


some trousers


Trousers from amazon. Now I’ve heard it all!


well jeans but I said trousers because it’s a better word


are jeans trousers?




but not all trousers are jeans


Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine


A DisplayPort to USB-C cable.


A USB-C cable to use for my Switch



Apparently not ordered anything from Amazon ALL YEAR.

Nothing catching my eye either tbqhonest



A new graphics card for my PC, which Amazon chose to ship all the way from America




An episode of The Handmaid’s Tale because I’m trying (failing) to catch up with All 4.

Before that, some fantasy ebook.

Last physical thing was a vegetable cookbook.


The inner lining of a bean bag, thought I was buying a bean bag :-1:t4:, the bean bag was to fill the pouffe I thought I’d bought but had only actually bought the cover :-1:t4:




2 actual physical Compact Discs on 11/08;

Firtan - Okeanos
Caladan Brood - Echoes of Battle


A book for kindle, probably a cycling one


a battery