What is your most used hob?

Bottom left for me, followed by top right.

Bottom right for me hyggers. Great thread by the way.


Bottom left, then top left. The spacing can be a bit awkward but I make it work.


Bottom left followed by top left too!

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Front left

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Top right.

Not all hobs are setup the same, are they? Our previously cooker had the big fucker bottom right and the small one to the left.

The new one has the big fucker top right and the small one bottom right.

bottom left, followed by bottom right then top right. I have never used top left and I promise you this, I NEVER WILL


Front left then front right. Rarely venture to the back hobs unless I have guests round.

Front left of this beaut:

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My old house (back when I was a grown up adult) had a wok burner. 6 x hob burners + 1 wok burner. I used to use it for ridiculous shit, like heating through beans.

Good times, good times.

Electric hobs are the absolute worst.

It looks very nice though.

  • Gas is the best one
  • Electric is the best one (I’m bad)
  • Induction is the best one (I’m rich (and a Tory))

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Top right

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  • I have a gas hob and an electric oven
  • I have a gas hob and a gas oven
  • I have an electric hob and a gas oven
  • I have an electric hob and an electric oven

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I’d love a gas hob, but my building is gasless. Totally sans gas. Electric hobs are easy to clean, at least.

Top left

You have my sympathy.

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Bottom and top left.