What is your opinion on

Jersey Bedding?

Seeing a lot of this about at the moment. It sure feels nice but if you put the same t-shirt on every day, it’s probably gonna go weird and absorb some sweat?

valar morghulis


My favourite type of bedding. Used to have a duvet cover in this. LOVED IT.

But yeah needs washing once a week for sure.

Is this like isle of Wight tomatoes (i.e. not a thing)

I have no opinion on this. Hate being over-warm in bed though.

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Ooo, interesting. Would try.

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early Indietracks line-up confirmed

EDIT: addition:

They’re actually on the same label as Camera Obscura, just thought they’d give themselves a metal name. Larks!

The night is dark and full of terrors, so you should go with whatever keeps you warm and safe.


I use jersey cotton sheets. Pretty cosy - but can start to bobble after a while.

Look at this mattress John Lewis are selling. Eighteen thousand (18,000) pounds (£)!

Do they disclose the springs:substance ratio on their website?

Apart from H&M, Habitat and Anthropologie, and IKEA where else do people buy homeware from? I want to buy plant pots but I’m struggling a bit.

I think high end ones for hotels and stuff are £30k plus. I had a mattress inventor come to one of my pro bono clinics (which are very important to me) once.

I’m pretty sure you haven’t met the person who invented the mattress.

Howkapow has nice stuff.

Do you follow Domestic Sluttery or get their newsletters? They often recommend good shops for cool stuff!!

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I exclusively shop in Tiger

that was a reply to @Witches

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Yeah, I love Howkapow!! But no, never heard of Domestic Sluttery! Thanks Slickster :smiley:

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Haha, thanks Meo too. I haven’t gone there in yonks. To be honest, I haven’t not just ordered things from online in a long, long while.

@Jazzballet I’ve started thanking everyone so I must continue. Thank you!! Never heard of West Elm!

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