What is your pillow situation like?

Anyone bought a good pillow recently?

My neck hurts!

In NL the standard pillow shape is square rather than the far more rectangular shape we know and love.

I feel like I could become a pillow baron if I had the motivation to start my rectangular pillow empire here in the Netherlands. Square pillows don’t make any sense in any way.


Mine are pathetic. Desperately need to buy some new ones.


This. It’s been on my to-do list for, oh, two years now.

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Standard M&S pillow on the bottom and then a lighter duck feather one on top.

Skint a.f. and got these bad boys and they’re actually great, but I like to sink into my pillows

could be better yeah

Pretty much the same… only I’m approaching four years.

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Same. Let’s all buy pillows!!

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I don’t like feathers in the pillow.

Might make a trip to Johnny L’s at the weekend.

Four actual pillows, only two with proper covers on and two for support. Drool stains on each and every one.


I have one pillow that is so thin and basically non-existent but I can’t let go of it.
It’s the perfect pillow to go underneath another pillow.

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I’m becoming concerned about my dribble stains.


Need some better pillows badly, my neck hurts.

Do you know where has good pillow game? Premier Inns (newer ones at least). Always get a good nights sleep there and am tempted to steal their pillows.

Someone told me about these gel-filled pillows you can get that stay cool all night. Well into that.

…would that be an awful thing to ask for for my birthday?


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Too soft, imo.

The gf picked up some fantastic pillows. I only need one of them and I’m sorted. Which is handy as she wants the other one and literally ever other pillow within a 5 mile radius. Any more and she’ll be sleeping standing up.

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I have a John Lewis V-Shaped pillow. I don’t use it in the V shape, but as an L - I sleep with my head on the short part of the L, resting my cheek on it. When I discovered the pillow, it changed my life.

Only catch being that the pillow case game is woeful. I have two - plain white and light blue.