What is your preferred message medium?

I’ve spent so long now as a sole user of WhatsApp I forget perhaps it’s not the norm for everyone. Soooo…

  • Native messaging platform on the phone
  • Whatsapp
  • Telegram
  • Signal
  • Other (please state and chat)

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Love WhatsApp, so easy to use, very useful for international contacts

Anyone using Facebook messenger is a wrongun. I’m sure we can all agree on that


I use Facebook Messenger for more people tbh but my family and some friends (including everyone who doesn’t use FB) on WhatsApp

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Oh no :frowning:


mostly use whatsapp but telegram seems better

:grinning: sorry

It is dogshit though

You can have a group emoji :frowning: and give everyone a nickname. Way more fun than WhatsApp

I just hate it - especially that stupid fucking round icon that appears on the phone home screen


I like my text SMS message service messages but I can live with WhatsApp I suppose.

Haven’t even heard of Signal

Haven’t enjoyed messaging anyone from phones since they went touch screen. I could type out perfectly punctuated paragraphs without looking on the keypad of my old flip phones, and now I resent how long it takes to do the same whilst staring at the screen.

Generally don’t respond to messages of any kind and just talk to people face to face at work (less so now obviously), weddings and funerals.


I use WhatsApp for most things, text my mum and dad, and have Telegram for literally one friend who insists on using only Telegram

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Sky writing. Not very eco friendly, though.

Would prefer SMS generally but switching to WhatsApp to send a picture seems silly, so just stick to WhatsApp.

Thought Telegram was a joke answer…


Actually get a bit annoyed if somebody texts me over a WhatsApp


Looks like it’s the tinfoil hat option. Might switch to it myself.

Just me and @anon34135029’ pal chatting about Tor


André Flo?

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