What is your preferred message medium?

Signal is my fave but considering the whole world uses WhatsApp the bulk of my comms is on there.

Whatsapp mainly, tbf though I always know when I’ve got a Facebook Messenger msg bc it’ll slow my phone right down and I’ll never be able to find a reliably opportune spot to put that fucking floating face icon

@tilty can you remind me to make a “massage medium” spin off tomorrow?

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(Also WhatsApp or Facebook message. Instagram for the odd chat brought on by cat or food pics)

I can indeed :smiley:

Uses FB messenger

  • Trustworthy
  • Untrustworthy

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Ha I voted untrustworthy, but they’re probably trustworthy in a sort of Karen way.

people just use the ones that the people they talk to use, imo


Haha! I’m just looking at where my last contact with you was…

I did silently judge you :nerd_face:

Anyway, fb messenger is great if you don’t have their mobile number, which you need for everything else.

I only rarely use whatsapp. It seems to be various parent related things. Most of the time it’s text / imessage, with fb messenger saved for winding Tim up, and the weekly chat for our zoom quiz

Untrustworthy but not themselves as such but because their phone is basically a direct connection to zuckerberg’s cerebral cortex

The TV is Spanish and it would appear that voice message is the norm between him and his Spanish pals. I like them for a special occasion but every day? Couldn’t be me.

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Anyone moving to other messaging platforms lately? Just installed Telegram and Signal and they both look nice.

The medium is the message

Seance fan are we?