What is your price?

To shit on a football shirt* of the team your boss supports in their drive while they watch?

*you can substitute this for something else precious to them or whatever

200k for me

I’m alright, thanks.

10K on a bible. I’m wearing a balaclava. They’re just watching.

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Everyone has a price.

I don’t care too, much for money. Money can’t buy me love.

I think you have to make eye (and face) contact with them while they peer out of the window - plus consequences.

Did I say that you can also go home from work early?

Too late, you didn’t say that originally. The deed is done.

Pay the man, epimer.

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a grand.

a grand don’t come for wee (you have to poo)


I don’t think my boss supports a football team, but I’d have to live the rest of my life knowing I’d made my riches from shitting on one of his possessions, plus I’d probably lose my job.

So yeah, n/a. Nominally, £100,000,000,000 knowing nobody would accept this price.

Yes, but I’d always be known as the guy who shat in front of his boss.

Early Les Miserables lyrics

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