What is your primary method of drying clothes

  • Horse
  • Whirly
  • Line (inside)
  • Line (outside)
  • Minky
  • Mangle
  • Tumble dryer
  • Other

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horse but I have to wait until after 9, because it doesn’t get up until then


What’s the difference between a Minky and a horse? Minky is surely just a brand of clothes horse (/airer)?

Horse. Once the horse runs out of space, they’re draped over radiators, hung up on hangers on the curtail rail (actually i do this for all my shirts anyway)

Use two Wilko-branded clothes airers primarily.

Have a singular washing line outside which we use during the day if it’s nice outside.

Considering getting a heated airer to stop there being clothes everywhere all the time.

Horse. Got a little frame that you can hang from the radiator to stick socks and pants on.

Usually just use the tumble dryer for towels tbh, otherwise they take forever to dry.

Shirts are put on hangers and hung from the shower rail that goes around the bath.


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In my head this is a horse

And this is a minky

In an ideal world, the whirly would be king but flats and weather :frowning:



I’m so sure it’s goes by another name but I can’t think! Someone help!

Got a three-tiered Minky and a heated horse (also Minky)

Drying clothes in my new flat has fast become one of the things that causes me the most stress, it’s taking a fucking age and bigger items end up smelling of damp because they just never fucking dry. The heated horse thing hasn’t really proved that successful a purchase and having the heating on just to dry clothes seems extremely excessive. The whole thing can fuck off frankly.

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Clothes on the minky
Bedsheets hung on doors
Work shirts on hangers on a top of the door peg thing a bit like this

Tumble dryer poll

  • Don’t have one
  • Have one (standalone or as part of a combination washer/dryer) and use it regularly
  • Have one and never use it
  • Have one and use it in extreme circumstances only

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I’m all about that Dry Soon life

And hanging stuff on the rads

Would use it exclusively for bedsheets if I had one

Are you putting a sheet over it???
You got to lock in the heat maaaan

Ooh that’s pretty space age but I’d categorise as a horse I reckon

Many people who live in flats will have empathy with your situation and understand your pain. If only I had an extra room in which to put the slowly drying clothes so it wasn’t so hideously on display it’d be a bit more bearable.

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I am, I’m finding that it just exacerbates the level of dampness in there tbh.