What IS your registered interest? (what's yer hing?)


From the gift thread.

What does everyone know you’re ‘into’? Music is likely obvious given this forum – anything else?

I am now generally known as a boring boxing pundit and have a shit ton of facts about wine. I know possibly more about perfume than a sane person should. Presents this year reflected those things accordingly, which was handy.





Association Football

I received books on all of the above this Christmas. I also get a lot of architecture books but that’s under request rather than it being a known registered interest.


American Football


The Silver Jews


Language/linguistics - two books this Xmas :thumbsup:
3DS gaming
Wearing shirts




ooooh i read a really good book about hip hop influencing and being influenced by certain areas of NYC architecture and infrastructure you might be into. I’ll see if i can dig it out!


That sounds extremely good actually :thumbsup:


yes you can!


yes. Some amazing stuff about the creation of rich/poor divides by roadways and the reaction to that musically, it’s a winner but I can’t remember the name yet. tonight!



But no one buys me anything other than novelty items (which is thoughtful, and I appreciate them) or vouchers for various LBS or online retailers. I only wear club or team kit, and am very specific with new things I’d want/need for performance reasons. Trouble is all the vouchers I get are usually from different places so they just pile up and I pretend to Auntie June that I went and bought a really essential made-up thing, heh.



free from food
beauty products
social documentary of britain postwar-now incl. working class/diy community arts
trashy tat
making things

sample pool of gifts received recently/regularly: vegan sweets, 5x lip balms, books, zines & anthologies re: #3, beyoncé calendars, chihuahua money box, nice pens


one of my colleagues brought his absolutely cracking Chihuahua, Jasper, into work on Christmas Eve.


Is it by Michael Ford or Sekou Cooke?


cute, but there’s a long haired chihuahua breeder around here and i’m convinced they’re actual devil dogs





Same as everyone!

Well, I like ghosts.

And when it comes to books, films and music, I like things to be deep, sprawling, challenging, colourful, hopeful, lyrical and, if possible, transcendent.


talk to me about ghosts


Owls I guess. I took my husband to an owl sanctuary for his birthday once and my mum now buys us loads of stuff with owls on it. Last thing was a sad little owl ornament she got from eBay.