What is your ringtone?

And how often do you change yours. I change mine rarely, I enjoy the consistency. From 2005 until about 2010 it was muse - hysteria, and in the years between that and 2017 I can’t remember (which is worrying) and since 2017 its been this, it was the main character’s ringtone. Its quite alarming but I like it

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Honestly no idea, my phone is always on silent. Whatever the default Samsung one is I assume



(stays on silent at all times though)


Has been on silent since 2008


Bzz bzz (sound of it vibrating if thats not clear)

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Used to have Joe from Adam and Joe’s Songwars ringtone that went “Phone call, telephone call, somone’s trying to phone you…” Think that was the last one before the silent era.

Early NWA lyrics etc

One of the iPhone “phone ring” tones. I used to have the intro to ToD’s Relative Ways as a ringtone pre-iPhone though.


Don’t like to have phone fully silent, went for something low key instead :woman_shrugging:

No-one I want to talk to ever tries to contact me by phone so it’s been silent for as long as I can remember. Am generally anti unnecessary phone noise although our head of facilties has the Parks and Rec theme as her ringtone, which I have lot of respect for.


No idea, in the always on silent club. But it used to be this for years:

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Own phone: “Circuit”
Work phone: “Alarm” (at very high volume)


For years I’ve just had it on silent/classic old phone ring tone. But in the past it has been:

Drop it likes it hot - snoop dogg
Today - smashing pumpkins - this was my favourite, it was on an old Nokia phone so it was just the first wee bit and had been simplified to be a ring tone, it wasn’t the proper song.
The inspector gadget theme tune.

might change mine to this

it’s this

don’t think I even listened to the tune that much, just thought it made a good ringtone?

listening again now. ahhh tune.

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When you’re on the bus or somewhere, and someone’s phone rings and their ringtone is your alarm sound

  • Aaaargh

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ever think you’ve heard the new message sound but youve actually imagined it?

  • yeah loads
  • yeah sometimes
  • no never

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No but fairly often have a phantom vibration when it’s in my pocket