What is your whatsapp status? (and other great whatsapp statuses of our time)


Mine is Mr Shrug E. Moji

My mum’s is ‘For God’s sake SMILE!’ (lol)

A family friend’s is ‘OK so why do I need this WhatsApp thing?’ (lol)



Hey there! I am using whatsapp.


[post can be empty]


My boss’s is ‘Don’t run from the work, feel the work’ (lol)


rushes in
Not even on whatasppbook


“what’s up?”


I prefer a flan.


genuinely no idea


Imagine being needy enough to change the default setting.


I change it with each season so summer is a sun or palm tree or something, winter is a snowman and spring is a sakura flower. Right now it’s those gusty little autumn leaves


That’s me


I’m married to a Zimbabwean so my Whatsapp is monitored at all times.


Shakes head disapprovingly


Ah it feels good to be back


“You used to call me on my cell phone.”

I had to look up what it was.


Is this like what MSN Messenger used to allow you to do back in the day? Is there a Windows Media Player plugin that displays what you’re currently listening to?


Mine is ‘Top banana :banana:


Always riding :biking_man:

Ironic as I haven’t ridden my bike in 2 months.


I’ve put a lil bike after all the bike wankers in my contacts :slight_smile:


this is a good idea and i’m now going to think of appropriate emojis to assign to various groups of contacts