What it really takes to create a song



It’s all about the melody

So as I started to create songs I wanted to look up some advice on the Internet but what I found were tutorials and posts on how to write a song.

However, the most important part of a song is the melody. Not the lyrics.

For instance if you change a song’s lyrics it is still the same song but if you change a song’s melody (notes) it becomes a new song. Although it’s probably very similar to the original one.

So when creating music you should focus on the melody in the first place and then pay attention to the lyrics, production etc.

This should just give you a little view of my opinion. I talked superficially about the topic but if this is interesting and gets good reactions, I can describe the way how I make melodies in details.

By the way you can also make up your mind about my music on Soundcloud. I’m going to release 12 new uptempo songs on Friday.


What do you think?


I think this is still stand by me


A melody you can whistle and a vocalist that you can bonk to