What? It's Saturday?

Hi chickens!

What are you up to today? I’m going to this place with some pals, it looks nice enough



I had more weird dreams last night. This time related my grim as af love life

Alright jokey and MB.

Off to my parents this afternoon to see my dad. Will swing in via Southsea and have a big walk along the prom. BBQ tonight. BBQ’d mushrooms stuffed with goats cheese. Sounds lovely.

Playing D&D in a games shop.


Bit of Vicks smeared under your nose will help.


Went to bed at nine and slept for ten hours. Still tired and woozy. Dunno what’s up.

Great state to be in to have a 6 year old and a 2 year old visiting. I need a coffee.

But if Vick’s under your nose will help


My left elbow is in excruciating pain. Great.

Where you going man? @AQOS Looks great


I’m already on a ferry with my parents, going into the mainland for a few hours. Back to the island this afternoon and apparently there’s a SUMMER PARTY at the local sometime-pub!? (There is no full-time pub)


Had half a pizza for breakfast and listening to hot Chip. Solo parenting is fun.


Up, got ocado coming then V and his friend are baking a cake for their school summer fete bake off.

Then it’s my school summer fete, back over to Vs summer fete and then collapse and watch the lionesses I guess.

Off to the Peak District to meet my lovely aunt and uncle. Always forget how rubbish the A17 is: 60 miles of single carriageways and agricultural transport. Just stopped for petrol and off we go!

Been up since 5 so I’ve already showered, breakfasted and exercised :muscle:

Going into town shortly to buy my Pride outfit and get my nails done then this afternoon it’s Carnival and it’s right on my front door WHAAAAAAAAT :dancer: And if I survive that it’s my friend’s 30th birthday so we’ll be going up a giant hill and drinking all night until we watch the sunrise :partying_face:


morning. spending all day assembling a friheten, pray for jamos

Sounds like a fete worse than death.


Mods ban this man plz


Had a row with the wife last night and feel utterly miserable today. Urgh.

GF is leaving for her parents’ house soon so I’m going to clean the oven. (Not a euphemism!)

I have to repair a few guitars and basses today, then go recording with MueseuM tonight feat. Bag Of Cans.


Trebic. It does look nice, but it also looks exactly like all the other Czech towns, and it’s starting to get a little repetitive :smile:

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