What? It's Saturday?

Trebic. It does look nice, but it also looks exactly like all the other Czech towns, and it’s starting to get a little repetitive :smile:

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Have you been to karlovy vary? Liked that a lot.

Off to Halfords to get a roofbox fitted. This completes my transition to middle aged parent


How’s the Volvo?

Morning. I’ve hurt my shoulder, which has prevented me from sleeping properly all week, and means that there’ll be no swimming, cycling or running for me this weekend. I might go for a walk or do some DIY though.

So far this morning I have read the Guardian’s Blind Date column and been cackling away at the reaction to the guy’s oblivious douchery.


Was at a beer fesitval last night and feel like I was at a beer festival last night.

Probably won’t be able to get back to sleep


have you ever seen a grown man naked?


Morning Joke, all,

It’s going to cloud over and mayhe even rain later, which might make BBQing a bit less fun. Or it might make it more fun as everyone will leave me alone out side, either way, there’s BBQing to be done.

Poll one

  • I pronounce each letter like, B. B. Q.
  • I pronounce BBQ, Barbecue.

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We’ll be eating all the food later but didn’t have dinner.

Poll seconds

  • Have a healthy breakfast of porridge
  • Have a smoothie
  • Those Greggs Sausage rolls aren’t going to eat themselves
  • Which actually means they’ll be safe in the freezer until you want them
  • I want them now
  • Have a few nuts, m4
  • Mackerel frittata oooh and add peas
  • Got any of that snacking granola left?
  • Have a lovely day

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I hope you resolve it today. Going to bed in an argument always feels awful :pensive:xxx

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currently: on a train
will be: on a ferry
then: on a bike


Aw man :hugs: talk it out if you can

Where you training and ferrying japes?


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Nice. I :heart: Arran


Where’ve you been?
Thought you were cycling


No, a friend of mine is there this week for the film festival and it looks gorgeous. Gonna try to get there before I leave.

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SHIT! did i put a bottle of prosecco in the freezer?

  • You absolute fool
  • No, and you didn’t remember to stock the fridge for today, either
  • Get some beers. Guests like beers

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This has nothing to do with breakfast! I’ve been misled.

always get flock of seagulls stuck in my head going there

and arran, arran so far away


Scroll up, m’gnome.