What jewellery do you wear?


Feel free to include watches if you want to. If your ears (or anything else) is pierced, but currently unadorned, maybe throw that in as well for the sake of completion.

Me: One plain gold wedding band on left hand ring finger. Slightly too large, but not large enough to alter.

Black Casio F-91W on left wrist. Not really jewellery at all, but thought I’d mention in.

That’s it for me.


Left hand

  • Fitbit Charge HR, black, large.
  • White gold wedding ring, made in Canada

Right Hand

  • £30 stainless steel wedding ring, made in China (probably), engraving of “soulmate” in gaelic on it


How come you have two wedding rings?


Titanium wedding band (to keep the girls at bay).

Can’t believe I wear it. I fucking hate jewellery. On anyone. Apart from Mr T.

  • Silver ring on right hand middle finger
  • Casio CA53W-1 calculator watch of left wrist
  • Conch piercing in right ear
  • Scafoold piercing in left ear
  • Tongue piercing
  • Navel piercing
  • Cock piercing
    (all piercings are stainless steel)


Not allowed to wear any in my line of work.


A necklace, either what looks like bit of coal (purchased in Katowice, Poland), or, a wooden sardine (purchased in Porto, Portugal). I have some others but these get the most wear.

Have stopped wearing a watch.


Just the wedding ring.

Used to have a lipring, of course ;D


Got a gold chain with a pendant in the shape of the symbol in my profile picture on at all times. It’s a Netrunner thing.


• can’t wear rings cause arthritis
• i have lots of earrings. wearing some now.
• i wear one or two necklaces often. all the jewellery i wear costed no more than about £20.
• got a yellow-gold tone michael kors watch for my 18th birthday #yearsaheadofthetrend but it’s v.heavy so wear maybe three times a year

inherited jewellery

  • gold star of david that i don’t wear because i don’t consider myself jewish, was raised catholic and don’t want to get jumped on by corbynistas
  • smelly bracelet and a really good charm bracelet from my grandma’s cousin who had no kids and married a millionaire - sadly it’s silver so i don’t wear it
  • really cute ring from my grandma that won’t even go halfway down my little finger

one year i got a couple of the buffy replica jewellery collection from argos, really wish i still had it now


because we got “married” twice.

once, in Aberdeen, because we are living in the UK
second, in Canada, because it was fun.

the two dates were separated by around 16 months.


For reals?


does it matter?




Lassion is an unusual name


More concerned that he married a baby :frowning:


We did the same, but I only bothered with the band the second time. Mrs HYG has two though.


What is it, Lassion? Wayne’s been kidnapped by aliens? Oh i misunderstood you…Wayne’s outside


Is that because you don’t like silver? Or can’t for some reason?


Pierced, unadorned left earlobe
That’s it