What jewellery do you wear?


Pierced, unadorned left earlobe
That’s it


Of course not, you fucking lunatic.


Mate, I would support you in all your choices.


This: https://www.instagram.com/p/7kQsMfnSUF/ and this: https://www.instagram.com/p/5Z8DMJHSbp/


H_Y_G was replying to Epimer there not you.

We did the double wedding thing but not two rings.


Fucking hell man, you are shit at linking.

Burying the hatchet

All you people calling wedding rings ‘bands’: I’m putting a small pot of beeves on the stove right now.


Just a wedding ring and that’s it.

I’d quite like a watch




I don’t want system to store a photo of my fucking wedding ring you wank!


Can highly recommend the F-91W. Cost a tenner from Cambridge TK Maxx the day before my wedding, and does the job nicely. Apparently very popular with terrorists too, so has a nice bad boy edge.


My ring is better than your ring it’s got more carats than a moron in Wales. Sing it.


I’m afraid that system already owns your wife.

Poor Lassion


I think you’ll find her name is Tessica.


Hmm. A plain wedding ring is usually call a band, isn’t it? At least traditionally.


Oh Lassion oh Tessica oh Dulie oh Bane


no, i know that; i was making a joke about whether or not it matters if it is true…


0 jewels


Dunno, I always thought the US term was ‘wedding band’. Aren’t almost all wedding rings ‘plain’? I mean mine is two metals so it has stripes but it’s still basically plain.


White gold wedding ring - date of marriage engraved in binary cos I’m basically a big ol’ Theo at heart.
Occasionally wear a watch on my left wrist.