What job will you have after brexit?

    • Mud farmer
    • Cop
    • Processor of the dead
    • Chlorinator of chickens
    • Pharmaceutical company drone

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Where’s the “emigrated so whatever I damn well please” option?


@marsbarbarbar i will share my farm with you if you like

  • extradited back to UK for being a traitor
  • mud exporter

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i shall just scavenge for unopened cans


Jam Engineer


Passport painter


Jam factories will be entirely the domain of robots (people dressed up as robots as we cannot afford robots).

  • Robot actor
  • Actor charged with building and maintaining robots

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No need. Britain’s blue blood will be used via the dead processors


I do a fucking brilliant robot. Quids in for Nicky!


this is i’m afraid just being jeremy corbyn, who also loves brexit :frowning:


Sounds good. We can farm twice as much mud if we work together. Praying for a #mudboom in 2024 so we can become mud moguls


Probably a corporate lawyer, tbh.



hahaha we don’t have corporations after brexit. everyone is investing in [pick literally any other place on earth]


Probably couldn’t have a socialist state without leaving the EU at some point tbf. Shame we’ll have to get to the point where nobody can afford to eat or heat their homes before we change the way we do government but that’s Britain for ya :smiley:


might see if i can join this department




we have already covered people who look like badly made robots